UAV based magnetic survey system

Key concept

  • Digital 3-component fluxgate magnetometer
  • VTOL capability
  • In-house data processing software utilizing equivalent layer modelling (ELM)
  • BVLOS operations

Fluxgate magnetometer

  • 3 orthogonal components
  • Noise level ±0.5 μT
  • Dynamic range ±100 μT
  • Sampling frequency up to 100 Hz

Base station

  • Proton precession magnetometer
  • Sampling frequency 1 Hz

Survey benefits

  • Fast and accurate survey method
  • Drone follows terrain topography for better accuracy
  • Multiple UAVs perform survey simultaneously
  • Several hundreds of line-kilometres in a day

In addition to maps of magnetic field, Radai’s solution provides derivative results such as downward continutation, reduction to the pole, first and second vertical derivative, horizontal, tilt and total gradient. These derivative maps are highly useful in geological and structural mapping.