Our services are tailor-made based on customer requirements, and include for example:

We are flexible in the choice of UAV based on the payload, weather and nature requirements. We can perform in both rural and urban flight missions.

Magnetic Field Measurement Case Study

Comparison of analyzed data from overflight measurement by airplane and manual measurements on-the-ground by walking, against autonomous Radai UAV measurements.

Airplane Walking Radai UAV
40-100 meter altitude, 100-400 meter line spacing Ground-level, 20-50 meter line spacing Multi-layer 30-60 m altitude, 20-50 meter line spacing
Scalar measurement Scalar measurement Flexible, scalar and vector measurement
Suits large-scale survey areas Slow and resource intensive Fast and affordable. Surveys up to 10 000 line-km
Gives generalised overview Misses challenging terrain types such as open mines, lakes, swamps and mountains Accurate and can access all terrain types at multiple altitude levels
Large-area pre-study, large-grid High-investment prospecting, small-grid Fast pre-study, detailed raw material prospecting and re-valuation of operative mine, flexible grid