RadaiPros – magnetic UAV data processing software

Basic UAV data processing:

  • Read raw data (CSV, TXT, BIN)
  • Altitude from barometric pressure and DEM (if no RTK GPS)
  • Map coordinates (UTM or ETRS-TM35FIN)
  • Fluxgate sensor calibration
  • Orientation correction
  • Data visualization as maps and profiles and in 3D
  • Base station correction
  • Data cutting, joining and filtering
  • Save data (UAV) and export data (XYZ)

Equivalent layer modelling (ELM):

  • Numerical (least squares) inversion using a single-layer susceptibility model
  • Total field and/or individual XYZ components
  • Dataset leveling and trend removal (tie-line correction)
  • Heading correction
  • Compute magnetic field on an even grid at constant altitude
  • Compute derivatives (1st vertical derivative, tilt and horizontal gradient)
  • Downward continuation and reduction to pole
  • Corrects flight height variations
  • Micro-leveling