RadaiPath – UAV waypoint generation tool

Design survey areas
Create or import (KML/BNA) survey area polygons

Design line systems
Line direction and separation
Line by-pass (margins)

Define home base
• Survey altitude based on the barometric pressure at home base location

Design waypoints
• Waypoint spacing
• Line turnings
• Transit flights

Edit waypoints
Edit waypoint position & altitude (e.g. powerlines & GSM towers)

Digital elevation models
• Allow path to follow the terrain
Import DEM data as ASC (ESRI ASCII grid) files

Background maps
Support PNG & TIF files
Geo-referencing by ESRI world files (PGW /TFW)
• Geo referencing by ESRI world files (PGW/JGW/TFW)

Manual flight lines
• Non regular flight lines
• Special surveys (e.g. clover leaf)

Export waypoints to autopilot