Our team includes specialists in the field of geosciences and electrical engineering. The first academic prototypes of our measurement technology were available in 2011, and the company was established in 2013. We are based in Finland, and have office in Oulu.

Ari has over 4 years experience as a CEO of Radai Ltd, and over 20 years experience project management, customer service, technical development and team management. Ari is a founder of the Radai company. He has been developing new innovative geophysical survey systems for drones since 2012. He graduated from the University of Oulu in 1998, and has a major in Applied Mathematics.

Arto has 4 year experience as CTO, over 8 years experience in university research including geophysics and electromagnetic study of the Earth’s magnetosphere. Arto has developed several different environmental monitoring systems including geophysical instruments, modelling and data processing softwares. He is also founder of the Radai company.

Markku has academic background in numerical modelling and inversion and software development. He is specialized in potential (gravity and magnetic) field and electromagnetic (controlled source frequency and time-domain) methods. He has designed data processing and UAV flight path software for Radai and, presently, he is developing the new UAV based EM survey system.

Timo has over 33 year experience developing and building RC-vehicles. Timo is managing Radai’s flight operation team and controls all the flight operations. He is involved developing new geophysical survey systems integrated to UAV systems: fixed wing planes and multi-copters.

Jani’s background is in academic usability and user experience research, focusing on virtual and augmented reality systems and rapid prototyping. He has also experience in embedded hardware/software development, Linux systems, and CAD and game development software. In Radai his main responsibilities are developing communication and data management systems.

Christian oversees Radai’s flight operations: He ensures regulatory compliance, safe flight planning and oversees the pilot training. Christian has an extensive background in information security and project management, which prepared him to operate in complex environments. His love of flying brought him to Radai, and in his free time he likes to jump out of airplanes with a wingsuit.

Lauri has over 20 years experience developing and building RC vehicles. He has been flying several thousands of line kilometers in Radai Ltd for geophysical surveys. His expertise is operating in challenging field work environment as drone fleet management, drone pilot and also as technical engineer for maintenance and repairing electrical accessories components.

Pekka’s expertise is related to analogic and digital electronics. He has been working as electrical engineer over 25 years in electronics industry R&D projects. His main expertise is designing and implementing new innovative electrical engineering solutions for solving real world problems. He has strong theoretical background in physics, electronics and software programming. Currently Pekka is developing innovative electromagnetic system for mineral exploration.

Seppo has been implementing and managing embedded software development over 25 years. He has also been working with and developing cellular network layer 2 standards.
In addition he has done system design for smartphone chipsets and Voice over LTE . He has strong expertise is developing embedded software and implementing digital electronics hardware.
He has developed several microcontroller based systems including data acquiring and data processing algorithms. Seppo has a strong background in computer science and electronics.


Advisor, DSc (TECH) (Computer Science and Engineering)

Teemu has more than 20 years of experience in all things related to software development and leadership roles both in software business and in academia. He has worked since 2009 as a research scientist with embedded systems, focusing on wireless sensor networks, Internet of Things and their real-world applications.


Advisor, Investor Relations and Marketing

Ari has 15 years of experience in international startups, and been active in various roles such as CEO, CTO and head of research of international software business, and been responsible for building international sales, channel partners and marketing.