The EC Innovation Radar acknowledges the new mineral exploration method developed by Radai as high-potential innovation

Radai is one of the partners in the Horizon 2020 New Exploration Technologies (NEXT) project – a large pan-European research consortium which aims to develop new innovative solutions for novel sensitive exploration technologies and data analysis methods that are fast, cost-effective, environmentally safe and socially accepted. The project is coordinated by the Geological Survey of Finland (GTK).

The technology developed in the NEXT project by Radai, Loop & Line and Geological Survey Of FInland was ranked by independent experts from Innovation Radar as top innovation with major market potential in the future.

Radai’s contribution consists of a novel electromagnetic (EM) survey system utilizing a 3-component EM receiver carried by a multicopter. The EM system provides information about the electrical properties (conductivity and permittivity) of the subsurface. The EM data, together with the magnetic field, provide essential information for geological mapping and mineral exploration.

Radai’s technology offers notable benefits to sectors that are considered vital for European Union’s economy such as environmental monitoring and sustainable exploitation of resources. The use of unmanned aerial vehicles makes environmental and geophysical surveying are not only environmentally friendly, but also allows access to remote and difficult zones, thus offering more precise information about surveyed areas.