Next Project

The Innovation Radar of the European Commission has identified the mineral exploration method developed in the NEXT project as a high-potential innovation, and Radai is the key developer.

The NEXT project will develop new geomodels, novel sensitive exploration technologies and data analysis methods which together are fast, cost-effective, environmentally safe and socially accepted. Project consortium consists of 16 partners from leading research institutes, academia, service provides and industry. Total budget for the project is 6.9 Meur.

Radai is developing a highly innovative electromagnetic survey system based on drones. The new system will provide a fast and affordable way to perform resistivity mapping and mineral exploration in the future. In addition, Radai develops a sensitive vector magnetometer system for high-end drones. 3D magnetic vector fields provide mining companies more accurate and precise geophysical models and structures of bedrock. Radai’s budget is 819 Keur during years 2018 – 2021.